Preston “fuck” Kullingher

I turned off the camera. She sleeping tired. It had been a huge effort. Lately it had always been like this. I don’t know what was happening to me, or her. Who was to blame for both of us?

I got up very slowly, but it did matter, she would not even wake up. She had a heavy sleep, a plane could crash in the house and she would still only mutter meaningless words.

I took the camera and went to the bathroom. The bedroom floor looked like an ice skating rink, the nerve of my leg twisted as I stepped, so I went on tiptoe. The penis was still hard, like a baseball bat. I had not a cum really banging for almost an hour, by the way, In the past few months I’ve had a hard time to cum doing a normal sex. I mean normal the made with someone else.

In the bathroom, I sit in the toilet, but I not going to shit. In fact, I intend to masturbate and cum and then I go to sleep quietly, but that depends on whether the video is good or not. The big problem was always the positioning aligned with the lighting, almost always dark just because she could not know what was being filmed. This went against his Catholic beliefs and would hinder the reliability of the video. I like natural things, nothing artificial. To know that they was actors and all that was staging with director behind the scene saying Cut! Cut! Fuck again!turns me off.

The lighting was great. You could see both of us in action. The angle that had not been very good, I should have moved farther to the right. She was perfect, like always. Gorgeous and photogenic. I was masturbating watching me get laid a few minutes ago. Am I some kind of sick or perverted? She’s on doggystyle and me riding back, pulling her straight blond hair was the climax of the video. I wink hardly but still could not get there. I almost let the camera fall from my right hand, since the other held the precious. Nothing, the shower of foam didn’t come. The dick was beginning to wither. What the fuck!

I went under the shower, rubbed the soap to get better. Now, my hand was wet and I could not hold the camera. Mind somewhere else. It’s over.

I washed the dick, wiped my hands and sat the toilet again. I tugged at my hair as if to tear them out of my head in a complete manifestation of despair and distress. Was I going crazy? Was I morally perverted? No, no, I was just a weird guy, another weird guy in this dog world. I took the phone in the room and went back to the toilet. I shared the video to the phone and delete from camera. Among bullshit and other that I looked at on phone I decided to see some porn, maybe it would help me to cum and go to sleep, It was all I wanted.

Homemade, Amateur, Teens, Inter Racial, every great but nothing inspire me. It’s not enough, I needed more, much much more. I saw some Sketch… . Very dirty to me. I had not reached that level yet. Was the problem the fact that I did not really know fuck right? And why could not get down? Was I doing right? Would anyone enjoy seeing me to fuck? These doubts kept pounding my mind as I watched other guys on the Internet. The dick had grown hard a few times and flaccid in many others. There were guys that really did not know how to do anything. I decided to sent my, fresh-out. In addition to contributing to the site, which provides a huge (almost philanthropic) social action, perhaps someone would comment and thus remedy some doubts, or, perhaps, someone could praise my hard work. I sent it. The angle would not allow anyone to be identified, so I was relaxed.

I kept seeing some more shit on phone. Some idiotic posts on Facebook, group conversations in Whats App. Groups of men is synonymous with naked women home videos or having sex with their partners. Man’s phone is worse than a whorehouse.

I look the site again and ‘voíla’, someone commented on the post of the video. They said it was a great video. Another guy said my wife was hot. Reading the comments of the video my cock hardened again. More comments. One guy said he wanted to fuck her in front of me, Another said he wanted to fuck her and me at the same time. A third said he wanted me to fuck him. Awesome! Every comment made me more excited. Wow! I imagined all of those scenes. It was incredible the feeling of fame. All that unknown guys saying they wanted to fuck my wife … and me too. Not that I was fag, but … Oh! I don’t know…forget it!

Anyway, after a flurry of comments I came in faster and deeply, just reading the comments that grew after the video post.

I have come for simple depraved words of sexually unhealthy minds. Seeing through this prism, maybe I was a sexual perverted too.

I cleaned the cock on the paper. I washed my face. I lay beside my wife and gave her a serene kiss of goodnight, a kiss of pure pride for my wife, my beautiful wife.


Xvideos.com – A friend in a lot of times of loneliness.


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