Me, You and Her

Me, You and Her


Preston Kullingher


The box was huge, the delivery men had difficulty crossing the narrow corridors and the old zigzag ladder of the old building. There was no elevator. They knock on the door, he was already waiting. He opened excitedly, signed the delivery paperwork thanked the deliveryman with handshake and went inside.

The excitement took him all over like a child learning to break a new toy. He opened the box with the utmost care, was meticulous, did not want to ruin anything, tasted the step-by-step. He had not slept well the night before anxious about delivery. He had bought for Fedex, three long days, and now he was in front of her. Read the instruction manual was in English and Chinese only. He knew a little English, but him understood the illustrative photos and before looked at Youtube how to mount (because Youtube teaches us everything nowadays!). It was not difficult to fit the pieces of silicone, there was a small air pump that was used in some parts, three wigs of different colors, yellow, black and lilac, three standard uniforms complete with shoes and socks, 2 bracelets, one watch, one Glasses, one makeup kit, perfume, one small bag. Yeah, it was all there, like the ad, He always liked to check. He looked back at Youtube at the assembly process and how other people like him customized her in a lot of very creative ways. He spread the clothes on the couch, side by side, looking at each and thinking of which to choose. It was the first time she was going to get dressed, it had to be special, it was her début, her birth. He dressed her up and made her up very well, even for those who were not used to it. He used the eyeliner, the blush and lipstick, finally finished. She was beautiful, radiating, seated with her legs crossed so that the full outline of her beautiful thighs could be seen beneath the black flannel miniskirt with black stripes. One hand rested on the arm of the chair and the other on the knee. The penetrating gaze fixed somewhere in the room, with face slightly raised.

He rose to his knees and leaned his face gently on her chin and lovingly stroked her rosy blush cheek, turned her toward him. He knelt down again facing her in ecstasy, and she stared at him. A few seconds and the door opens behind him. The girlfriend closed the door with the key and looked at him without understanding why he was in that position in the middle of the room. She walked a little further toward him and saw that beautiful young high school Japanese girl sitting naturally, cross-legged, the school uniform extremely short and sexy with a white social unbuttoned shirt with the loose tie and the red and black flannel miniskirt that It was halfway up her thighs.

Is not she beautiful? – He said

– What is it?

– This is Maelling…

– The doll? Did you buy a doll?

– She arrived today, came from Japan.

The girlfriend don’t mind and left , was tired of work and all she wanted was to take a shower and relax. She’d gotten used to coming home and coming across something strange from him. One day, they were bodybuilding equipment right in the middle of the room, another time a cockpit coupled with television and he playing a car game and now this. Sometimes she was annoyed with him because he always was on Medical leave from work, He hated to work, he really liked to stay home relaxing and from time to time take a walk around the city. She came out of the bath and walked around the room wiping hair and realized that he was still there with the doll. It bothered her. That doll was almost a person, so real it was, perfect, beautiful.

– Are not you going keep it?

– What?

– “The doll, are not you going to keep the doll?”

– Keep? What do you mean? He shook his head disappointedly.

She still does not understand.

In the kitchen, the girlfriend preparing dinner would look at him in the room, sitting with a beer in his hand watching football and the doll aside. In one of these glances, she noticed he with head turned, neck extended, looking to see the breasts beneath cleavage over the shoulders of the doll.

– Hey, boy. – She said.

He took a fright and disguised.

– I got you! She said laughing at him.

– Got what?

You peeking the doll.

– Are you crazy? He spoke annoying.

– Watch out for her boyfriend, if he catches you … – she burst out laughing.

He did not like his girlfriend’s jest at all. Cranky, off the television and go to the bathroom. After shaving, he dined alone in the kitchen, sitting in front of the living room, looking at the doll. In bed, neither looked at his girlfriend on the other side of the bed, he was angry, she still tried to please him tenderly, but he covered himself pretending to be sleepy. The next morning, she woke up early to go to work, as normal humans do and not seeing him in bed thought he was in the bathroom. Anything. Kitchen, nothing. When she reached the living room toward the front door, she saw him lying in the second bedroom, which was used to store old objects, hugged with the seminude doll, wearing only a thong panty, her breasts harder and larger than yours, pointing in your direction. What a hate! Se tossed the book in his hands against him getting hit in the face. He woke up from the fright without understanding what was happening. The door was almost torn out with the force of the beat.

At night when she arrived again tired from an infernal day at work she did not find him at home. She remembered the doll and looked for it. Anything. Where had he kept her? He searched in some compartments, without success. Had he taken the doll with him? Was he crazy? Hang out with a sex doll around. Was he preferring to go out with a damn doll than her?

She went to the second room and found her there: lying naked with her legs wide open. It was approaching that bizarre scene and a mix of disgust and hatred was taking hold of her, she noticed the doll’s pussy: it was huge. Saw an open lubricant close to his hair and understood what had happened. Cried. Not of sorrow, but of hatred. She knew that she was not in her best shape, she had gained some weight, but she knew that it was still very attractive that she would not have to be traded for a doll, an inanimate being, a disgusting object.

FUCKING BITCH! – she shouted, and jumped on her, slapping her wrists, dismounting her silicon arms. For a moment, during the disloyal dispute, she saw an old knife on a dresser, she took the knife and her face was something of a horror movie. At that moment he opens the front door and sees the door ajar. Run there and see the exact moment when she stabs the knife with all her fury on the swollen breasts of the doll.


Am I crazy bitch?

The scruffy hair, the shaggy clothes of the fight, the strong breath holding the knife in his hand …

– You’ve been fucking her! Confess!

– Maelling …


He did not process what she said, he was in shock, desolate. He just stared at Maelling deformed over the bed. Arms ripped, breasts withered, abdomen open in half.

– You fucked her, you fucked up. Confess,  disgusting pig! You preferred her to me!

He was in another dimension and not responding to what she said, it made her even more furious so she tried to stick the knife in him, but he was faster and with a movement took his hand and twisting his wrist took the knife and grabbing He threw her on the bed. He held the knife in his right hand and she struggled under him trying to get out. He pointed the knife toward her menacingly.

– Stop! Stop bitch! Calm down! Calm down! Otherwise…

She tried to bite him but did not reach. They both breathed hard from the effort and faced each other with hatred and it was then that he kissed her hard, she bit him. Another kiss and another bite. Then he lowered his left hand and began to take off his pants, she was still struggling to move her legs, trying to kick him. She called him filthy dirty pig but he don’t mind.

He threw the knife away. She slapped him hard and kissed him with fury. With a strong pull he tore off her panty that were completely wet. A wild sex, a lot of sweat, a lot of fury and high doses of fetishism. An almost consensual rape, if it is possible.

And Maelling, or what was left of her, watched everything underneath them, not understanding the depraved eccentricity of the human mind.





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