Interesting women¹ are scarce
Stupid women
Stupid and hot women
Interesting and hot women is lottery
Women who don’t talk silly and just think about gym, selfies and bad music parties are rare
Interesting women who don’t suck on politics, economics and other bullshits and go to gym too
Hot sexy women that are not psychologically disturbed
with neuroses and other mentally unstable things
Please, introduce me
Women who don’t think fat
there is not
Women who don’t care about hair
Women who don’t ask for money a husband, even though they are rich, I don’t know
I never had sex with any interesting woman.
Or hot
Or even a stupid that tell me bullshit about politics
At bad music parties
And goes to gym daily
And that didn’t beat me in moments of complete uncontrolled, drunken fury
Asking me for money to buy cigarettes
and other drugs that I don’t use more
because I started to worry about my health
my weight, my hair
I want to look good in selfies.
To the point of leaving me very psychologically upset
Mentally unstable
About my masculinity


  1. Bukowiski. For introducing me about female psychology before masturbation.




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