Preston Kullingher


It was almost ten at night.


Hey fellas, where are you?

– We’re coming.

– It’s almost ten o’clock now …

– Are you going to sweep there? We’re going too early.

– Bullshit! I want to see that band… I guess they’re going to be second.

– And you’re going to listen to the band?

– Well, not really. But you know it’s better drink listening to good music.

– I’m going to get very crazy.

– Me too, me too. I want to swill down. But, who else come with you?

– [Laughing] You will not even believe it.

– Who?

– When you see the figure, you will laugh.

– [Laughs] Hey, are the boys really coming?

– No. None. I called to AlphaFox, he said he can’t. I called to FrogFace, he’s out of cash. I called Phantom he said he was going to after  work …

– The Phantom always blew. Can’t trust him.

– I know, i know.

– Hey, but who’s coming with you? I’m curious.

– Man, I was going on the way home, getting ready to go, when I saw him and then he said that he was going too and I took advantage and called him to come with me because I don’t like to take a bus alone.

– Hey, but you already bought the drink?

– I’m taking a bottle.

– I also bought a bottle. And the refri?

– We buy in there.

– Fuck! Two bottles, we’re going to get very crazy.

– That’s the intention. Today I want to get very crazy. I’m going to drunk today.

– [Laughing] Hey, but tell me who’s coming with you …

– Man … the TacTara.

– Who?

– The Tactara.

– The Tactara?

– Yeah!.

– [Laughing a lot] Fuck, I can’t believe it. Unearthed.

– Yeah. Himself, unearthed. They almost didn’t let us go up, thinking we were going to steal the bus.

– I guess. [lol]

– The worst thing is that the Tactara is in the shirt of the soccer team it seems until it is going to the stadium.

– [Lol] Oh comedy.

– Hey, we’re coming. Switch off here.

– Nice


They arrived. They got off the bus holding the grocery shopping bag with the bottle inside. The people in the windows of the bus looked at them both with disgust, some internally thanking God that they had not stolen anyone. They were not really thieves, just looked.

The other waited at the entrance to the concert hall. He smoked a cigarette against the wall, the bottle at his feet.

What’s up?

– What’s up bro? [Laughing] Hey there Tactara?



Hey there bro – speak it very, very slow, like a stoned – All in peace?


– Hey, dude [laughing] puts that bottle in the bag. It’s burning movie to be showing so …

– I don’t mind. Hey, I’m going to buy the soda that I’m ready to start the job right now .

– Let’s go. Me too.



There is a little market in front of the concert hall and them bought a bottle of soda orange flavor. Then they went back to the front of the concert hall. Since they couldn’t enter the show with alcohol, they stood directly in front of the entrance gate drinking and watching the people arriving for the show. There were many couples, many singles like them, and many single girls. A few beautiful, many ugly and dozens far worse than ugly. It was a poor party that later the police were sure to make a hit there to solve some problem or to arrest some small drug dealer who was there enjoying.

After a couple of hours outside drinking, talking, taking selfies and talking jokes to the few beautiful girls who entered the party:
It’s almost midnight. The first band is over. Let’s go in?

– Go Go. I’m already very crazy here.

– How about Tactara?


For me, let’s go inside. I’m already very crazy, too.

-It’s done. Let’s just turn the last one to finish the bottle and then we’ll come in.


They toasted. Each one turned his glass, full to the brim. They made the ugly face because that no more soda so the dose was almost pure.

They were inspected up and down and nothing was found. Get in, Happy.

It’s crowded. I don’t thought there were so many people.

– Yeah. Outside we didn’t even see so many people coming in like that.

– I see everything half-bent already.

– Hey, I’m gonna get that chubby over there. I think she’s looking at me.

– Who?

– There. In blue. On side that fat girl in white

– I don’t see anything. Oh yes! Those two over there. Both are fat. You will arrive in which?

– I’ll get the blue one. The least chubby. She has a pretty face. The other one is very fat.

– Ok, ok. You can go there and I’ll stay here with the Tactara.

– Let’s go with me! It’s easier for me to get the blue one. You just keep small talk to the fat.


– No, no. Have faith that will work. I’m going to stay right here.


The 02 staggered toward the two girls who were startled by his arrival. The fatter one kept pulling her friend so that they leave. But as he was good at chatting, the little chubby girl chatted, and shortly afterwards they were kissing.

When the 02 looked up to catch his breath, he saw the 01 with the fat one, the one in white, kissing them madly. She, in her most powerful bearing, hid him in a hug. In fact, whoever was behind her could’nt see him. Tactara was still standing there looking at the crowd, sometimes crossed his arms, others he put his hands in the pockets. He was a nice guy. But not waver with him.

After they kissing girls, both won the salon. They dispersed in the crowd. The drink was already in effect. They danced, they kissing other girls, they enjoyed. Finally, the 02 met with Tactara. It was about three in the morning and many people were gone.

– Hey bro! Saw you a 01?.



It’s late. Sooner will be dangerous for us to go home. Let’s get out



We gonna 01 to come back. Let’s not left him on fire.

Ok. I’ll give it a round, see if I find it.


After a while 02 came back.
Hey, Tactara, I found him. He’s sitting against the wall sleeping near the baths. I tried to wake him, but nothing.


The two arrived at the place where 01 was. He was greatly altered by the effect of alcohol so that he couldn’t speak properly nor stand. The two friends talked to him but he just babbled nonsense words. Something close to an alcoholic coma.

Hey, Tactara, We can’t leave him here, or someones win him.




One took the arms, the other by the legs and left towing it like a freshly slaughtered piglet. Outside, at the bus stop they were able to get him to his feet, with one on each side propping up so he didn’t lean to one side.



It looks like that old movie from the dead man.


– Weekend at Bernie´s

They both laughed. The bus arrived and it was that burst of cattle. People stomped in, some pushing the others, the girls complaining, the guys with the wallets hidden inside their pants and the two in the middle of it all trying to lift the Bernie’s dead man into the bus. A general madness. The door closed and people squeezed in the back. The scent of sweat and cheap perfumes poured into the air. Suddenly someones fart. The girls, as they always complained. A guy with weird haircut yelled at the driver in the front, something like he was carrying people, not shit bags. Everyone laughed. The driver drove like crazy, it was the last ride of the night and he wanted to get to the end of the line because the company staff was playing dice. Inside bus, 02 left the dead weight of 01 there and was already made out with another girl, more cute, with blond hair. The bus was emptying, the blond-haired girl came down and only the three remained inside the collective. 02 was talking to Tactara about the things that had come down at the party. They reached the end of the line.


Hey, Tactara, would you can take him to his house, it’s closer to yours than mine.



Will you left the dead weight all to me, smart

– You’re better than me. Help me, brother.


– Ok. I’ll do it.


– Thanks  bro.



– Peace.


Day after.



Hey man, thanks, who has you as friends does not need enemies.

– Are you insane? I found you on the floor sitting near the baths looked like a beggar. Tactara and me carry you to the bus stop. We had the hard work to putting you inside the bus that was the gang bang


– You let the thieves win me. They took the little bit of money that I had, my sneakers, and my belt, which I had bought the day before yesterday.


– Bullshit! I saw you with the sneakrs when I got off the bus.


– They won me. The sneakers I don’t even pity because it was already worn, but the belt was brand new.


– Tactara was the one who left you at home …

– What? Are you crazy? You left the Tactara alone to leave me at home?

I left. I was very tired. Oh man! Did Tactara hold you, huh? [Laughing]

He’s a  fella, but you know his fame.


– [lol] Grows, the Tactara really boned you ...


Days later Tactara walk on the neibourhood streets with a new belt, according to the own, bought in the fair.


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