Blind Date

Blind Date

Preston Kullingher


He had marked the 20h. It was 20:15 and I had not yet come to the local. I was a little bit nervous. Nervous and anxious. Was she really everything that? By the few pictures that had, appeared to be. Smooth hair blond, those who have a very beautiful design, full lips, big ass … The face is that there was not yet seen as well, but with what was at hand could consider me fully satisfied. I will not deny that when asked in which clothes would and soon appears a picture of a goddess in a short black dress, my cock almost rip the underwear. I held not to cum right there and screw up the evening. I had to keep the body fluids for later, the hour of fireworks.

I went into the bar and took a panoramic, was full. There were a lot of blondes, brunettes, redheads, short dresses, thick legs for everywhere. My God! surely this would more often bar. I looked right and saw a blonde sitting alone in the corner. His back was to me but was black so I assumed it to be a woman like that would not be alone in a bar or two seconds just lean against a grown man with a soft conversation. I went to him and realized that everyone passing by she could not look away, was mesmerizing. In this short path I felt the guy, Mr. badass, all assholes going, looking, but who would sit there talking, a good laugh and then take her to bed would be US, ME, AND JUST ME. I walked even faster, with a stride, confident, radiant, a puerile happiness, wanted to get to paradise.

But there was a bit of shit in this paradise.

When met at his side and bowed my head calling her , as she turned to me, I got scared. It disconcerted me, I tried to hide but  I don’t know if it worked too. She gave me a Hi! and a mild smile, I just gave a wry smile and then looked away to his cleavage, the way it would be a tactic repeated many times that night. The point is that she had a certain type of eye deviation. Squint through. Cockeyed not the right term … squint. That she had strabismus. Only a high degree. The two eyes stared into the nose of a horrible way. It was a little scary, caused me a bad feeling, discomfort. The poor woman knew this and avoided at all costs eye contact. But it was impossible. How two people would talk without eye contact? Well, I was there so … I ordered a beer and immediately asked if he drank, half sheepishly said he was avoiding woman of things (understand love handles, cellulite, stretch marks). I kept pulling matter to leave her and she will keep the eyes down, but once in a while she stared at me and I looked away. It was too much for me. I tried not to look at all costs, but there was something that drove me to look at his eyes, something kind of sick. I think she realized it. I tried to look at the phone, which I hated, but I made an exception for that in this case was fully acceptable. If she did not look the damn phone would look at where? Me? No way. The lack of dialogue that did not flow naturally between us made me think of absurdities in seconds from a small talk and another was it hereditary? It would pass to the next generation perpetuating the curse? Did she sought a surgical procedure to make them normal? Provalvemnete yes. Is that when she would drink water or coffee or even make a blowjob she would hit first? This kind of thing coming out of a perverted male mind. Well, I would not let a couple of crooked eyes spoil my night and it was too hot so I let the soft conversation for another time, another victim and we left straight to a motel: she lived with her parents and I do not I wanted to teach her the way from my house to avoid problems of freedom, which I valued very much.

She was hot. As we entered it was she who grabbed me and started to take off my clothes and I lifted her dress groping those wonderful thighs, she was a good kisser and also gave bites that made me even more desire to get into it with everything. At the time of action even forgot your visual problem, it was almost all the time with his eyes closed. It was good at it, even with eyes closed not made mistakes any time you wanted to hit. When she unfortunately opened the I looked over his shoulder and my “friend” lowered the pressure a bit but nothing that worry me. The doggystile was a beauty! Surreal! It was really great and all stiff. At the time of “Mom and Dad” was that the big trouble. She did not want to close eyes and wanted to force me to look straight into her eyes – as if it were possible – and I pretended not to hear (I think it was a kind of fetish stuff humans.), And she kept saying – Look at me, Look at me motherfucker! – And then dug his eagle nails in my back making me writhe in pain, howling like a wolf in heat. At one point I could not stand, I relieved some of the pressure of the pumped and then I saw a white shirt, which usually use inside the blazer when I want to look cool, Uncle Sam pointing at me. I understood it as a signal, calling me to fulfill my mission. Then picked it up and put it right in your face, almost choking her and Fireman more strong sometimes gushing all my nectar, my essence. Did it not only for sex or for me but for all the good citizens who live in this city, this country, for love of country. The call came and I answered promptly, fulfilling my mission. I’m a real American.


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