Even So…

Even So…


Preston Kullingher


– And you think it’s right to do this?

– I don’t know. I guess … … … Fuck! I really don’t know.

– But is not it risky?

– Everything in life is a risk. Living is a risk!

– Yes, you ‘re right. Still I don’t know …

– I’m also not sure but … You’re up to doing?

– Much like.

– So do it. A wise, those that we found roaming the streets once told me “son we regret what did not, because it was done is done, right done or not.” I agreed with him and soon he asked me a few bucks and I gave but what I really mean is that you have to do although I deeply feel that you should not do. I would not do.

– I understand. Being in my shoes you would do?

– I wouldn’t. But standing in your shoes, even without knowing you right, being you you know? I guess … would do so, and do soon. But  myself would not.

– Why? What are you so afraid?

– I’m not sure, you know? Things are kind of confusing in the world, this question of damn economy, and these doctors Oh! they leave me crazy, dude, always telling us to stop drinking and smoking and eating tasty things and make sex less and do more exercise and eat natural food and all that shit they are paid to say. I hate them, all of them. Trust me never believe them. I’m warning you.

– Hunh! Thanks for the advice. But I’m still in doubt.

– That’s nice. Doubt makes us be careful, be more cautious as a hungry tiger on the savannah annulling the dead zebra of thirst in the river. You’ve seen the documentaries of Discovery? They are great.

– I have seen yes.

– Well then it’s time to use what you learned from the Bear Grills. Welcome to the jungle buddy!

– (Laughs) You’re funny! Still I’m waiting decrease the pressure in the stomach.

– With luck will never decrease friend.

– And how do I do then?

– Take a deep breath and go

– Only that?

– Yeah!. Only that? Do you think is easy? Some people have trouble breathing, I read since it can be a symptom of a Psycho-bronchitis-pharyngo-nasal …

– Wow. I did not know that.

– Yeah.

– Even so…


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